ABATE of Iowa District 20

January 19th, 2015

So what the heck is ABATE of Iowa District 20 and why would I want anything to do with this group?

We are concerned citizens with an eye on keeping what freedoms we have left. There seems to be a trend in the legislatures of the Federal and State governments towards controlling every aspect of our lives. They seem to think that we, as citizens, need them to regulate our everyday lives so we conform to their ideas of how we should live and operate our businesses.

We do not buy this garbage at all and we are certain that the founding fathers of our great nation felt the same as we feel today. The constitution of the United States was not written on a dry-erase white board. It was painstakingly thought out by the finest minds and has been hard fought for.

Huge sacrifices have been made and American blood has been spilled to keep the dream alive that brought our ancestors to this land. We will do everything in our power to show we are worthy of continuing their dream.

Our members keep in contact with our legislators to let them know in no uncertain terms how we feel when it comes to government control of our lives.

If you have read this far you must have some of these same feelings and core beliefs or you would have left this site by now.  This cause is too critical at this time for us to let our guard down and allow our government to have free reign at controlling our citizens. We dearly love our country and wish to keep it the greatest nation on earth.

Thank you for reading about our concerns  and we will do all we can to continue the good fight for you and for all of the hard-working citizens of our great country.

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