Rider Eduction Program

March 17th, 2010

Over 90% of motorcycle riders involved in crashes are self-taught or learned from family and friends. A motorcycle rider is physically vulnerable. In a crash, a rider and passenger are more likely to be injured then occupants in a vehicle. Wering reasonable protective gear, however, can reduce injuries.

A motorcycle rider’s judgment is critical. In single vehicle crashes, rider error is the most common cause. Crashes with other vehicles also occure because either on or both operators make errors in judgment. Many collisions and injuries could have been avoided if the motorcycle rider had known when and how to swerve or brake.

ABATE of Iowa, Inc. is a proud sponsor of Iowa’s quality Motorcycle Rider Education (BRC) program administered by the Office of Driver Services of the Department of Transportation. Iowa’s BRC program teaches the “Basic Rider Course” (BRC) of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

ABATE of Iowa provides motorcycle rider training at various locations throughout the State of Iowa. Our instructors are Iowa-licensed, MSF-certified and are all experienced motorcyclists. The BRC is aimed at beginning riders of all ages and utilizes curriculum and materials developed by the MSF.

Visit the main ABATE of Iowa web site for more information.

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