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Town Hall Meetings of District 20 Legislators 2018

January 16th, 2017 No comments

How to find your Iowa House and Senate districts:


Go to 

Click on “Legislators” tab on the top left.

Click on “Find Your Legislator” in the gray box.

Enter your address and select your city. Click on “Search”

At the bottom, click on “Other Elected Officials”.

Now you know your Iowa Senate district, your Iowa House of Representatives district and your U.S. House of Representatives district.

Check below to see if any of your legislators are having a Town Hall Meeting

or other event that you can attend.





Remember that at these meetings we are not representing ABATE of Iowa.

We represent our own interests.


Town Hall Meetings


Here’s How to Take Advantage of Town Meetings and other public appearances which are often arranged by your elected representatives or civic groups; and in election years by the various candidates and debates.  You can learn about them on the representative’s or candidate’s websites/Facebook/Twitter/social media sites, mailings, in the media; or call their offices. Sign up at the websites of candidates and elected officials to receive emails or text messages and you will get advance notice of such meetings. 

Put Them on the Spot: These meetings are an excellent opportunity to ask important questions in front of the media and other citizens.  By publicly asking them about their stand on the issues, you can hold them accountable for their votes and put them on the spot if they do not want to take a stand or if they do not want their big-government votes known.

Know How They Vote: You can research their voting record in advance so you can ask why they voted as they did. is a good starting place for our U.S. Legislators because it lists all recorded Congressional votes. For our Iowa legislators, go to for information on anything to do with our legislature.

Educate the Audience: You can hand out information about your issue to the people and media attending such meetings so more people will learn about it.  Ask candidates or representatives to take a stand on the issues.

Make it Public: If they give you any answer, lock in their commitment.   Email everyone you can as well. You may get a vague “we’re studying it” answer or even have them try to ridicule you, but at least you’ve forced them to publicly avoid the question and you let them know people want an answer.

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